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Home php codes Enable PHP Zip Extension through cPanel

Enable PHP Zip Extension through cPanel

Enable PHP Zip Extension through cPanel

Welcome back to, in this post we will see how to enable PHP ZIP extension on cPanel.
before start this tutorial, we should take a overview about PHP extension.
so basically PHP extension enables you to transparently read or write ZIP compressed archives and the files inside them.

how to enable extensions in cpanel

and most of the time it is disable by default in cPanel , so we have to manually install it.
So just follow the steps and install these extensions manually.
Note: try to follow snaps for better understanding.

step 1: So in the very first step , we should login into our cPanel(Control Panel) and than go to the software section
Step 2: in the software section click on PHP Pear Packages

Enable PHP ZIP Extensions in cPanel

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Step3: after clicking on PHP Pear Packages we are searching our ZIP extension and install it.

enable php extension

step 4 : After installing the package we should again go to our software section and click on the PHP version .

install zip archive

Step5: once we click on the select PHP Version, we can see all the enable extension over there, and we can see our Archiv_ZIP as well. so we just checked it and hit on the save button to add archive_zip in our current PHP version.

enable php zip extension

Step5: now the last and very important step we will follow to complete this tutorial.again go to the software section and click on the PHP processes and hit the kill process button.

zip enable in cpanel

Now we can use your PHP ZIP Extension our website.