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Home php codes return all dates between two dates in php.

return all dates between two dates in php.

return all dates between two dates in php.

welcome back to . In this post we will see how to find dates between two selected dates using php .
most of the time we need to fetch all the dates between two dates to show our data on the behalf of dates and days. so before start this tutorial ,we need to understand the script flow . first of all we makes two php variable which indicates two dates like $date_from and $date_to .

fetch all dates between two dates in php

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find dates between two dates in php

after defining variables we needs to convert our dates into unix timestamps. so doing this process php provides us a pre-defined function strtotime,

which helps to convert English text date time strings into UNIX timestamps . after converts dates string to unix timestamp we run a for loop from $date_from to less than equal to our $date_to variable.

there are many methods to Return all dates between two dates in an array in PHP

$date_from = "2020-01-12";
$date_from= strtotime($date_from);
$date_to ="2020-01-18";
$date_to =strtotime($date_to);
for($i=$date_from; $i<=$date_to;$i==86400)
echo date("Y-m-d",$i).'<br>';

Save the above script in your htdocs directory if you are using XAMPP server.