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Home Non Technical How to enable private browsing ?

How to enable private browsing ?


Private browsing means whatever we have searched through browser will not show in our search result and when we download something it will also not show in download history. When you turn on the Private Browsing or “Incognito” mode in your browser, it makes sure that there is absolutely no record of your browsing on the computer i.e. no history searches, no cookies, no downloaded items. All of them are deleted as soon as you close the browser.
When you are using the internet on a cyber cafe or a friend’s computer, the computer stores all the data related to your internet usage in the form of cookies etc. At such times, private browsing would help you complete your work securely but also it will make sure unnecessary information does not reach the unintended user.
How to turn on the private browsing through Internet Explorer:
• Open internet Explore.
• Click on the “Safety” menu.
• Then you would see a option “Inprivate Browsing”.
• Click on it would open a new window, which can be used to browse in a secure and private mode, leaving no trace of history pages, cookies or temporary files.
• Using Keyboard after opening Internet Explorer, pressing Ctrl+Shift+P, which would open a fresh window albeit a private browsing one.

If you are Chrome user you would need to follow the steps given below:
• Click on Chrome menu. (3 verticle lines on upper right of the window).
• Click on the option “New incognito window”.
• This option would open a new window, where you can browse normally but in protected mode.
• Using Keyboard shortcut to Incognito window for chrome is Ctrl+Shift+N.

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