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Home Android How to Generate Firebase Server Key

How to Generate Firebase Server Key

How to Generate Firebase Server Key

Welcome back to, in our previous post we learn how to implement Razorpay Payment gateway with the help of PHP.
today in this post we will see how to Generate Firebase Server Key.
so before start this tutorial we will take an short overview about firebase and its uses.

FCM push notification for android

What is Firebase

so basically Firebase is a tool which is developed by google, to building app infrastructure and improving app quality for growing your business.

so Firebase server key is used to send push notifications to android devices and this server API key is used to identify Firebase application.
we are generating Firebase server key in the below steps, keep follow the steps

Create a Firebase project and Get your Server Key

Step1 : In the very first step we have to log in into Firebase Developer Console. if you still not created any project simply click on Create project.

firebase server key

Step2 : Enter your project name, accept the Firebase terms and conditions and hit the CREATE PROJECT button.

firebase development

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Step3 : In the third step we select Not right now option because we will setup our google analytics later and hit create project button.

firebase cloud messaging for android and php

Step4 : After hitting the create project button we will get a message Your new project is ready, press the Continue button to redirect your project dashboard page.

firebase cloud integration using php

Step5 : On the dashboard page click on the Gear icon which is in the top left and select Project settings.

FCM integration in php

Step6 : In the last step we just click on the Cloud Messaging Section and we will have the Server Key.

get FCM server key

thanks for reading, if this article helps you please support us and share with your developer buddies.