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Home php codes how to delete a file with the help of PHP

how to delete a file with the help of PHP

how to delete a file with the help of PHP

Welcome back to, in this post we will see how to delete a file inside the directorywith the help of PHP.

delete a file using php

so its quite easy to delete the files inside the directory with the help of a single predefined PHP function. PHP provide us a predefined function unlink.
with the help of this function we can easily delete the files from our directoryso in the below example we should try to learn how the unlink function works.

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so here i am creating a variable $file_pointer , in the value of this variable we put the file name which we want to delete from our directory,

so in the below example i want to delete myfile.php from my directory so i put this inside the value of variable.

and put this variable as a parameter into unlink function
. whenever i run this file, the unlink function works and delete the myfile.php file from my directory.