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Home php codes find first and last digit of a number without using loop

find first and last digit of a number without using loop

find first and last digit of a number without using loop

Welcome back to, in this post we will see how to write a program to find first and last digit of a number without using any type of loop.

so in the below program we are declaring a php variable $n which will takes the number.
here we are defining 2 php functions which will returns the first and last digit of our $n number.

find first and last digit of a number

the first function is firstNumber which will accept $n as a parameter than we use log10() function.

now we will take an short overview of log10() function. basically log10() is a mathematical function which is defined in math.h header file and it returns log base 10 value of the passed paramater.

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than we use pow() function. so basically pow() is a predefined function which will return the first number to the power of second number. in other words we can say that it compute power of a certain number. this function takes 2 parameter which are the base and exponent and returns the desired answer.

after using pow() function we will get first digit of our $n number. now we will declare our second function lastNumer which will help us to find out the last digit of $n number.

function firstNumber($n) 
    // Find total number of digits - 1 
    $digits = (int)log10($n); 

    // Find first digit 
    $n = (int)($n / pow(10, $digits)); 

    // Return first digit 
    return $n; 

// Find the last digit 
function lastNumer($n) 
    // return the last digit 
    return ($n % 10); 

// Define numer  
$n = 58727; 
echo firstNumber($n) , " ", 
    lastNumer($n), "\n"; 

    // our out put is 5 and 7.

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