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Home Non Technical How to use Opera With Cookies.?

How to use Opera With Cookies.?


Welcome back to, In this post, we will see how to use opera browser with high CPC cookies.
before starting this tutorial, first of all, we should know about what is cookies and what are the benefits of importing cookies in the browser.

how to import cookies in browser

What is cookies.?
Basically, Cookies are, in fact, nothing more than very small text files that are placed on your browser when you visit certain websites. Cookies are a way for Web applications to maintain application state.

So now the second question is what are the benefits of importing cookies in the browser.?
When a cookie is set on the user’s browser, it can persist for days, months or even years. This makes it easy to save user preferences and visit information and to keep this information available every time the user returns to your site. they lighten the load on the server’s memory.

Why not use google chrome for importing cookies.?
yeah. the exact same question was in my mind when I was trying to import some cookies in my google chrome browser.
So the fact is that Google doesn’t allow us to import any type of cookies on the browser. that’s the reason why peoples are moved into another browser like firefox and opera.

We split this task into three steps.

step: 1

In the very first step, You need Mozilla Firefox with cookies. Clear browsing data and import cookies like you always do. after clear browsing data, you may Close Mozilla.

step :2

Now click on the below link to download the latest version of Opera browser.
click here to Download opera

after download Install the latest version of Opera browser.

step :3

In opera, go to opera logo (upper left corner). Go to Bookmarks, Import bookmarks, and setting.

how to import cookies in browser
From the list select Mozilla Firefox ONLY, not any other browser like this:

how to import cookies in mozilla firefix


Close Opera

You are now ready to click from opera.

After you finish with your click, go to Opera logo (upper left corner)
Go to History, click Clear browsing data an do it like this:
high cpc cookies import in browser


thank a lot :

Salih Kurgas