Make Text to Speech Convert Software Just in a Minute.?


Welcome back ,today we will learn how to make our own text to speech  convert software. So first of all we need to know the working process of software.

So basically this software can convert our text data into voice, its very easy to develop this software, and one more intresting thing is that in this software you don’t need to have any type of knowledge of any kind of programming languages.That means if you belongs to non-technical  fields ,you also can develop this software…

Step 1 :

In the first step, open your notepad

Step 2 :

Copy this code and paste it on to notepad.

Dim message, sapi
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message

Step 3:

Save this code with the extension of .vbs

Here I save this code in the name of ShortLearner.vbs, here .vbs is extension. and its compulsary, so dont forget to write extension, otherwise its shows errors.

Step 4 :

Your software is completly developed, just go to your location where you save it, open your software and paste some text data and hit Press on ok button…


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