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Namecheap API Configuration in PHP


Welcome back to Shortlearner, today we start a new series of API configuration of Namecheap
using php, before start the tutorial first of all we should know about Namecheap.

Basically Namecheap is a platform where you can purchase all type of hosting services
(virtual private host, xen vps, ovz vps ), Dedicate servers and also buy domains with in
a cheapest price.

Today we will see how to get namecheap API.
Before getting a namecheap api first of all we should know about what is an API,
and how its work.
click to know more about API .

in the very first step of getting namecheap API, we create a namecheap account manually,
when we found namecheap api than we will see how to create namecheap account with the help
of API.
click here create account to create namecheap account.

Following steps are to be followed to get services:

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Step1: After Successfully  registration  log in to the site.

Step2: Click on the Profile.

Step 3: Select Tools from dropdown list.

Step 4: Select things according to your needs. Click  on learn more to get more idea.

API access enables you to resell and manage Namecheap products. To qualify for access, you must have: An account balance of $50 or more, 20 or more domains in your account, or purchases totaling at least $50 within the last 2 years.

If you fullfill the namecheap criteria you just by clicking on Manage button.

If  don’t have a API criteria you make a namecheap sandbox account for learning API configuration.

Click here create account to create a namecheap sandbox account.

After  creating sandbox account you just follow all the above process [step 1 to step5].

Remember: It will take 2 business day to give API.

In next post we will see how to configure this API with PHP.