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find days between two dates


Welcome back to, in this post we will see how to get days between two dates by using
pre-defined PHP function.
PHP provide us a diff() function , that are helpful to find days between two dates.
in below example we will get days using Object oriented style and Procedural style as well.count days between two dates using php

Read excel file using JavaScript html


Welcome back to , In this post we will see how to read a excel file with the help of JavaScript.  our previous tutorial we learned

Fetching data from excel sheet using JavaScript is very easy. We have used Html to display data on web browser and for design and layout used CSS.

how to retrieve data from excel sheet in html

How to Import an Excel file in MySql Database using php

How to Export Mysql table in CSV format.?

  • For presenting data in desire format we have used cascading style sheet. we have include below mentioned two CSS file for table layout. You can also design it in the way you want.

How insert multiple values into MySQL from multiple select option


welcome back to, in the previous post we see how to create a dynamic pie chart with the help of PHP and MySQL. In this post, we will see how to insert data into the MySQL database from multiple select lists using PHP.


Below are the steps to do this :
Firstly we have created a test database and after creating a database created a table state inside it and in the state table, we have stored all the states name in it.

multiselect drop down with checkbox

How to use Opera With Cookies.?


Welcome back to, In this post, we will see how to use opera browser with high CPC cookies.
before starting this tutorial, first of all, we should know about what is cookies and what are the benefits of importing cookies in the browser.

how to import cookies in browser

make a dynamic pi-chart with the help of PHP


make a dynamic pi-chart with the help of dynamic pi chart

welcome back to, in this post we will see how to make a dynamic pi-chart with the help of PHP , MySQL and google charts. most of the time we need to show all reports in a graphical format, so we use pi-chart or other graphical charts.

In this tutorial we will write a PHP script which is helped to show programming language ratings on the pi -chart.
in the very first step we create a database with the name of pi, and also create a database table with the name of programming_languages, in this database we add 4 column (id, name,rating,staus).