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This 21-year-old is the No. 1 young entrepreneur in India, and will be felicitated by PM


In a small tea estate village named Hope Tea Garden in Jalpaiguri, a little boy was told not to bother dreaming if he planned on continuing to live in that hamlet. Little did they know that he was the boy who once travelled 108 km for school using three modes of transport, who believed in his roots and his own path, and knew that his skill will usher in his destiny, not his surroundings.

How to make package in java ?


Today we will learn how to make package in java, but before making java package , first of all we should know about what is java package ,and why it needs.? Basically package are like folders which contain java class files.package are made when we want to use some set of code or values in another decrease the size of program.when we make any project we make package so the program become readable and usable.when we make package we can import it any program.

How to automatically shutdown your system after certain duration of time


How to automatically shutdown your system after certain duration of time ?

What happen sometimes you work on your computer and you know whatever the task you are doing (eg. downloading games) will take how much time and you have to do some other work in that time or go outside or you may sleep so, in that case you can set the timer to automatically shutdown the system.