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Improve your website Ranking with Social Media SEO meta Tags


Welcome back to, todays post is about meta tags.

Meta Tags are one of the most basic elements of SEO(search engine optimization). The search engines reads the meta tags to get a summarized idea of what your site is about and what exactly your keywords are.Meta tags list your site in Top.Meta tags are located inside your html’s head area.

Important attributes of meta tag:

How to apply for AADHAR CARD..?



in this post we learn  How to apply for AADHAR CARD..?. Friends, today we are going to talk about online registration for Aadhar card appointment.

Today, the Aadhar card has become necessary everywhere, whether you want a gas connection or you want to open a bank account or you can stop many of your work on Aadhar card without

Balance life makes us happy and give peace of mind.


Balance life makes us happy and give peace of mind.
Actually,what is happy life .There is nothing like happy life.Its all about people mindset.Untill there is no limits of people

Host a website on free server


If you have designed your website and now you want it to be uploaded on server(you want hosting of your website) then 000webhost is a best solution .It provides free domain and hosting with very easy process.Follow below steps:-
Step 1:
In address bar type 000webhost sign up. and then click on the first link.

How to enable private browsing ?


Private browsing means whatever we have searched through browser will not show in our search result and when we download something it will also not show in download history. When you turn on the Private Browsing or “Incognito” mode in your browser, it makes sure that there is absolutely no record of your browsing on the computer i.e. no history searches, no cookies, no downloaded items. All of them are deleted as soon as you close the browser.