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Home Non Technical How to apply for AADHAR CARD..?

How to apply for AADHAR CARD..?



in this post we learnĀ  How to apply for AADHAR CARD..?. Friends, today we are going to talk about online registration for Aadhar card appointment.

Today, the Aadhar card has become necessary everywhere, whether you want a gas connection or you want to open a bank account or you can stop many of your work on Aadhar card without

any other government work.

If you want to create an Aadhar card, you can go straight to any choice center and register for Aadhar card or if you want to avoid crowds and line, then get a registration for online card and get aadhar for a specific time period.

You can get your fingerprints and eyes scanning by getting your document verified by going to the office. So let’s first know that what is the Aadhar than learn How to apply for AADHAR CARD..?

What is Aadhar card?

[What is Aadhar Card in hindi?]

Aadhar card is an important introduction card. Which recognizes you that you are an Indian citizen.

Aadhar Card, (UIDAI) is being made available to all Indian citizens by Unique Identification Authority of India.

The main reason for creating Aadhar card is to provide unique identification number (special identification number) to all Indian citizens.

The Aadhar card is valid throughout India as your identity card. Which will be used later in almost all government schemes.

To make Aadhar card, offices have been made in almost every part of every city. Aadhaar cards are also made on the choice centers.

If you wish, by calling toll free number 18003001947 for Aadhar card, you can also find the Aadhar center around you.

To create aadhar card, you need an address proof, a proof of identity, and a DOB proof, the list of the necessary things to build the Aadhar Card is given below –
Photographs of your passport size.
Address proof – Electricity bill (not older than 3 months), telephone bill, voter ID, PAN card, passport, driving license, ration card.
Office is filled by filling out the form received from the office or taking a copy of the online appointment form.
An office staff on this saves your fingerprint, eye scanning online.
Takes your mobile number After some time, your Aadhar Card generates massage.

To create an Aadhar card, you can take online Enrolment appointment, fill a online form and fill a printout with it. For this, follow the steps below –
Click to visit the website of the UPIDAI appointment register and fill the form.

Fields for aadhar form

Mr. , Mrs. Or ms. Choose
Enter your full name.
Enter your email ID
Enter your mobile number
How many people have made the Aadhar card?
Put your state here
Select your city name.
Select your area.
Select your nearest center.
Select the date of appointment.
Time Select
Enter the verification code written above.
Click on Fix appointment.

After you click on the Fix appointment, your appointment will be fixed and you will get an appointment slip on which your token no. Whose printout will take him with his chosen time.

Information about Aadhar Card in hindi and Aadhar Card online registration in hindi, let us know if you have any problems related to aadhar card.

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