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Home Stories Story of the largest facebook group of job seekers in Bhopal.

Story of the largest facebook group of job seekers in Bhopal.


Today we will talk about a group of three members, Nitin Farkya, Neha and Om Rajpoot .They started a group in July 2015, Now Bhopal job seeker is known across India for helping job seekers. Today Bhopal job seekers (BJS)  group is behind thousands of people smiles.This online community helps you connect with opportunity.

How it all started
This group specifically designed for job Seekers. We retrieve information about latest walk-ins, Open campus drives,jobs, off-campus, ReferralDrives, company’s information, Government Job information etc. from the different sources & websites on real times basis & condition, and process this useful information to job seekers.

This useful information is made available at a single place from where a job seeker can easily find the complete job profile & venue details and go directly for the walk-ins if they can identify themselves with the group posted.

The Group always understand & respect the efforts & hard work made by other sources & websites that’s why we can never take any credit for any job & always recommend its user to visit the group from respective is retrieved. Our objective is to provide information about Government jobs, off campus and walk-in interviews.
Current scene
20,000 members were connected in 2015 with this online community, after four years of hard work and dedication, our group is expanding day by day and helping lots of job seekers to achieve their goals.

Group Admin Testimonials

  •  By Hariom Rajpoot (Om)

This group especially designed for the job seeker to provide the job information without any charges. When we started this group with a motto ‘ To help without any selfishness ‘ still we are following that with my team. Various consultancy companies offered us for collaboration but we refused. Because we are not here for making money. We are here only here for helping needy people. I think helping in job is one of best blessing.

  • Message to job seekers:

Hi Guys, Those who are still waiting for placement or job. So guys please don’t be upset. Just keep Faith in yourself and God. Make your heart more Positive.
Mental preparation plays a vital role in the placements &jobs.I know you people curious about your Career So First of all Instead of thinking Interview as goal think it as an  Opportunity for your career Think about your Preparation and be brave. Because “Fortune Favors the Brave”.

If you lose your hope then talk with your parents and tell them what you are facing problems, I’m sure you can get the genuine path.
“Guysi would like to request everyone, if you are in that position from where you can help someone, you help him/her. Try to be reason of someone’ smile.”

Thank you all for your support & love towards Bhopal Job Seeker (BJS ) Group.

  • By Neha Abhay


By creating Bhopal job seeker group I was able to able to help other job seekers. Finding an optimal job is apath to struggle, and I am happy to be the part of the struggle of thousands of job seekers, because personally I am gone through a lot of struggle due to my inability to speak properly due to cleft palate problem

I was unable to crack interviews, because companies needed good communication skills, they do not see the real skills and real ability, but I did not lose hope I knew my ability and strengths, currently i am graphics designer and into social media marketing and also handling international clients from different countries, today I am able to handle all my clients by myself I didn’t face any sort of problems regarding client dealing, and my clients were satisfied with my efforts.

  • Message to job seekers:

No one will help you out .Neither friends or relatives. You have to find way by yourself. Just have faith on you. Work on your strengths and never doubts your abilities. You will be placed after a certain amount of time but patience is the key to success, and eliminate all negative thoughts and parents support is the most important thing to find an adequate job.

Message to company:please don’t look for their posture & gesture. Please see only Ability, because #workspeaks.

  • By Nitin Farkya

The Motto of the group was to create awareness of the job openings among the job seekers. Usually students have no information of the multiple Open Campus Drive conducted in Bhopal and other cities. This group helps many students looking out for such opportunities not only in Bhopal, but in other cities as well. We post daily information regarding campus drives, government jobs and walk-in interviews in this group so that a job seeker is aware of his/her kind of jobs. It feels good to help people looking out for job opportunity. We are not a part of any consultancy, and just share job information to help job seekers.

Message to job seekers:  try to find job yourself first. It’s hard to find but not IMPOSSIBLE. Why to give single penny to anyone. If you are not getting then only approach to good consultancy. Sometimes it’s worth to pay but only to top   & best consultancy.

Wait for perfect time, don’t lose hope because miracle happens in every day.

Students Reviews 

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