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Home php codes Unzip a Zip file using Php

Unzip a Zip file using Php


Welcome back to, Most of the time we need a software like winrar , which are helped us to unzip or extract our zip file . In today’s  tutorial we will see how to unzip a zip file with the help of some predefined php function.

unzip a file using php

in the below code i have created a function called unzipmyfile which have two parameter $file and another one is  $location . in $file we have passed a zip file name with . zip extension and  $location we declare a suitable path where extracted file should be placed.

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Php provide us a predefined function called  ZipArchive::extractTo . with the help of this function we can easily extract zip archive.



function unzipmyfile($file,$location){
	$zip = new ZipArchive;
		return "success" ;
		return "fail";

Now we call this function and pass two parameter, zip file and location where extracted file should be placed.

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$file= "";
echo unzipmyfile($file,$location);