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Home CentOS How to Install xampp in Linux CentOS7

How to Install xampp in Linux CentOS7

How to Install xampp in Linux CentOS7

Welcome back to another tutorial of CentOS.In our previous post we learn how to install Apache Web Server on CentOS 7.
today in this post we learn How to Install xampp in Linux CentOS7.
before start this CentOS tutorial we should take an overview of XAMPP.

xampp installtion in centos

What is XAMPP.?

so basically XAMPP is a local web server which is majorly used by developers to run their program on local machine.
it was developed by Apache friends and it is available on 11 different languages.

Full form of XAMPP

XAMPP is a local web server which are widely used by developer community to test their programs on local machine.
so the full form of XAMPP is
X- Cross platform
A- Apache
P- Perl

Before start to install XAMPP on our linux machine. we must have the non-root user account on our desktop with sudo privileges.

Install XAMPP

so before installing XAMPP we need to download the latest package of XAMPP.
To download XAMPP run the below command in the terminal using wget command

sudo wget

Now we will give the permission to the downloaded file to make it executable by following command.

sudo chmod +x

After setting up the permission run the file using the below command

sudo ./

after hitting the above commands we will giving some permission to XAMPP . just follow the below images for better understanding.

xampp set up on centos

Click on the next button.
Now it will ask us to select components to install, it is recommended to leave it as default and just hit on the Next button.

xampp components

In the next step it will be informed of the location where the XAMPP setup is going to be installed so simply just click on the next button again.

xampp location in linux

Now  it will ask us to install sponsored applications such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress so just click on the next button.

install wordpress in xampp

now the installation process is starts.

xampp installation process

after end of installing process just click on the finish button to launch.

launch xampp

Start and verify Xampp

After the installation we are just run a simple command to verify the xampp installtion so just copy the below command and run it on your terminal.

$ sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Now go to the browser and search http://localhost to see the output of XAMPP.

Uninstall XAMPP

So if you want to uninstall this setup just copy the below commands and run it on your terminal.

cd /opt/lampp

Now unstall XAMPP by following command.


Now you will be prompted to confirm uninstalling XAMPP. simple Click on yes to uninstall XAMPP .
After completing the Uninstallation process run following command to remove /opt/lampp directory

sudo rm -r /opt/lampp


so finally we learn how to perform installation the XAMPP on our CentOS platform.
if you have any query please ask and if this article helps you than please share it with your developer buddies.