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Read xml file using php


In this post we will see how to read an xml file with the help of php function.

read xml file using php

most of the time we need to fetch records from xml file, so we use a php function
The simplexml_load_file() function which helps to converts the specified XML file into
a SimpleXMLElement object.


here we have xml file which is named as sitemap.xml, we fetch  all dates from sitemap using simplexml_load_file() function.

Story of the largest facebook group of job seekers in Bhopal.


Today we will talk about a group of three members, Nitin Farkya, Neha and Om Rajpoot .They started a group in July 2015, Now Bhopal job seeker is known across India for helping job seekers. Today Bhopal job seekers (BJS)  group is behind thousands of people smiles.This online community helps you connect with opportunity.

How it all started
This group specifically designed for job Seekers. We retrieve information about latest walk-ins, Open campus drives,jobs, off-campus, ReferralDrives, company’s information, Government Job information etc. from the different sources & websites on real times basis & condition, and process this useful information to job seekers.

find ip address location .?


Welcome to shortlearner.com, in this post we will see how to find the IP address, city, browser and country of the
Visitor of your website. Before starting this tutorial I suggest you put the code into a PHP file and call this PHP file into the header file
On your website, it will help you to track the activities of user on your website.

First of all we need a database table where we store all the activity of the visitor on our website.

CREATE TABLE visitor_details(
     ip VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
  current_page VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
  time VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
user_agent VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
  country VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
  city VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
     PRIMARY KEY (id)

After creating table, we write a PHP script that will help us to find all the information Of visitor.

insert html tag in mysql database


Welcome back to shortlearner today we will learn how to store a html content in database.
Sometimes we need to save our html content into databse for permanent saving of our html code.
But how should we do it..?We will convert our html content into string because if your html content is too large the database would not be able to handle our large content,

facebook like chat system using Ajax, mysql and php


Welcome back to shortlearner, today we will learn how to implement a chat system using PHP, AJAX,and MySQL.

before start the tutorial i would like to suggest you to have some basic knowledge of ajax and jquery.

in this tutorial we willl used bootstrap maxcdn class to improve the visual looks of our web page,