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Password Validation Using JavaScript


Welcome back to shortlearner.com, in this post we will see how can we check the insert password is correct before signup with the help of JavaScript function.Most of times the user forgets the password during signup,using this system we will ensure to the user that the password entered by him/her is correct or not.In this system we will create two text boxes.

change password in php

Check Email is Already Registered in Database using Ajax and JavaScript.


Hey,Welcome to shortlearner, today we will see how to check that email is already registered in database, with the use of ajax and java-script.
Most of the time we see that the user is registering same  email id  in database and it is registered in the database without checking that it was already registered in database.

but with the help of ajax and java-script we can show our users that their email is registered or not registered in our database by showing them a message.

Notification System Using JavaScript and Bootstrap


Welcome back to short learner , today we will see how we can make a notification system using java-script and bootstrap.
first of all you must have some basic knowledge of java script and bootstrap classes.
In this tutorial we will use some bootstrap classes for precise look of our web based notification system, and also we will use some of java script functions
to play sound.

Preview of html code without running the html file.


In this post we will see how can we see the preview of our html code without running the file.
Sometimes you may want to see online preview of your HTML code.
So that you can evaluate your HTML code for correctness and take corrective action if needed.
In this tutorial we use  basic tags of html5 , bootstrap and also used some Javascript functions.

How to Send Mail Using Php Mailer.


In this post we will see that how we can send mail using Phpmailer. Before Start Tutorial we should know about what is Phpmailer , benefits of Phpmailer than we learn how to implement code for Php mailer.

what is Phpmailer

PHP Mailer is a code library to send emails safely and easily via PHP code from a web server.
phpmailer is a collection of classes which allows user to send mail via smtp seetings.
A user can easily configure php mailer according to his/her needs.

Benefits of Phpmailer over mail() function

php provides us mail() function allows us to send mails to user but it has certain limitations, mail() function send mail but it has very slow response ,mail() function does not assure the sending of mail.